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The Pleasure of Rentree

After this beastly hot summer I am looking forward more than ever to la rentree, what the French call the passage  from summer holidays back to work and studies.  My love of September and what it represents goes back to the days when I could not wait for the first day of school and being handed a set of handsomely bound textbooks.  I was enthralled by the cracking sound when I opened a book for the first time, and loved the smart scent of the paper, but most of all I was ready to devour the knowledge to be discovered on each and every page.

 New clothes were also a part of my rentree.  Once I got past the Catholic school era of unflattering uniforms, I enjoyed pulling together a wardrobe for college that included sweater sets and plaid skirts, and a camel’s hair coat, which I read are all the rage again.  Now I can’t wait to store away my insipid summer clothes and begin wearing more substantial woolens. 

 Furthermore, I am anticipating transitioning from AC to watching logs burning in our library fireplace.  Diminishing sunlight capped-off with the end of daylight savings time does not bother me, quite the opposite.  I am enamoured of blue/black skies.  I think this is a result of growing up in NYC.  When I picture dark skies I see them dramatically electrified by the lights of Broadway and Manhattan’s skyscrapers.  And this year if I play my cards right, my 2010 rentree might include a few glorious days of autumn in New York.


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