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Accessories Make A Room Memorable

     In the parallel universe of clothing and home fashion what impacts a finished look most?  Incredible accessories.  Think simple black sheath, romanticized by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Without fabulous pearls, sunglasses, and elbow length gloves, Holly Golightly’s look would not have been as memorable. 

 The starting point in decorating a room might be a comfortable sofa and chair, but it will be those unique lamps, rugs, and mirrors that give a room its lasting personality.  Here are some crossovers between what was seen at New York Fashion shows and in High Point showrooms…

*SILVER METALLICS…Accessories to spark an outfit, accents to glamourize a home

*EXOTIC…Big cat prints (tigers and jaguars) on coats and jackets,  on pillows and throws.

*FEMININE…Clusters of rosettes on dress necklines, detailing on pillows

 *GLAMOUR…Pendant designs for earrings, shapes for chandeliers

*BOHEMIAN…Feather trim on jackets, accents on lampshades

In dressing your body or your home it is a relief not to have to follow any rigid guidelines.  When displaying objects, hanging art work, or lining up patterns on drapery panels, pillows, and upholstered furniture, take your lead from the biggest trend in jewelry, necklaces that combine ribbons, beads and pins in asymmetrical arrangements.  Your room will look as fresh and intriguing as one of those necklaces if you refrain from using too many pairs and too much symmetry.  Have fun injecting some new ideas and accessories amongst your old treasures.



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