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Does Your Present Job Fit Your Passion?

 Allow me to paraphrase the lyrics of an old romantic ballad…”there is nothing sadder than a woman with a talent that got away.” For as long as I can remember I have been hearing the angst in women’s voices when they confide in me their desire to get into interior decorating, but feel compelled to remain in high-paying jobs doing work they detest.

One Decorating Den Interiors’ franchise owner referred to it as the “Golden Handcuffs.”  Like her, some of these women from the corporate world have come to the realization that if they applied the same amount of time and work effort into owning their own decorating business they would reap equal or better rewards than working for someone else.  Most important, they gained control of their lives and now look forward everyday to working at something they love.

 What are YOU waiting for?


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