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How To Make Your Decorating Last

The lyrics of one of my favorite romantic songs poses the question, “How do you make it last?”  Haven’t we all wondered what the secret is to an enduring relationship?   And, don’t we wish that in every aspect of our life things were a bit more lasting?

After forty-three years of marriage I am still learning what it takes to “keep the music playing.”  However, after an equal length of time in the decorating business I am willing to share a few ways to keep your decorating “from fading too fast.”

COLOR…Let the colors you are consistently drawn to act as your guide.  Save those “hot colors of the moment” for accents only.  Certain color schemes remain perennially fresh, such as; delft blue, crisp white and sunny yellow; or Tuscan hues of clay, ochre and olive; or nature’s array of blues and greens from the forest, sea, and sky.

Design by Merete Monahan

Designed by Merete Monahan

MOOD….Spaces with staying power, even the most elegant, are never stiff, rather they convey an appealing, relaxed ambiance.  Adding a charming piece of wicker to a formal setting, or treating windows with unstructured drapery panels, or prominently displaying an arrangement of family photos promotes comfort and eases the perfection of a carefully orchestrated  room.

STYLE….The enviable, enduring rooms of the rich and famous always have a touch of eclecticism, whether decorated in a traditional, transitional, or contemporary style.  They contain fabulous flea market finds and semi precious antiques, shelves of books and often a hint of African Safari, which promote the intriguing forever fashionable look favored by savvy individuals.

FLOORPLAN…. In order to serve the multi functions and the various situations encountered in every room, a well designed floor plan includes flexibility.  In living rooms, major upholstered pieces are arranged in conversational groupings, with a selection of easily movable tables and chairs ready to accommodate different size gatherings.  Sometimes the chairs are extras from the dining room, or a matching pair of antiques, or an individual chair intended simply to serve as an object of beauty.

Decorating a home never ends, it only continues to evolve.


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